Acne Scars

How to Treat Your Acne Scars Easily

Acne is scary, but the scars left by acne is more scary. Acne won't let go on its own. Treat acne as soon as possible since acne can transform from mild to severe form. If you have very severe scars, there is nothing you can do except go to your dermatologist and ask him/her about using laser resurfacing. But, if you only have mild (hopefully) or moderate scars, you can try some acne scars treatments below.
Acne Scars Treatment-How To Prevent Scars:
Here are some steps you can try to prevent scars on your face:
a. Drink enough water
This is the easiest natural way to prevent scars from getting worse. Drinking enough water is good to get rid toxic out of your body and make your skin healthy.
b. Avoid bad diet.
c. Eat a lot vegetables and fruits.
Nutrition in vegetables and fruits will help you heal your skin and your scars.
d. Wash your face regularly with mild soap.
Acne Scars Treatments-Home Remedies
Here are some remedies you can try to cure your scars:
a. Aloe vera
Apply aloe vera to the scars area. Aloe vera is good because its healing properties.
b. lemon.
You can use lemon to lighten the dark scar on face.
c. Honey
Take honey orally. It is good to remove acne scars and also make your face look younger.
d. Olives.
Olives have moisturizing nutrients which are good to moisture your skin.
Acne Scars Treatments-Warning And Tips:
a. Don't do anything that can irritate your face skin such as using harsh skincare product.
b. Don't squeeze or pop pimples as they can leave permanent scar to your face.
c. Never put bandage or ointment to your scars.
d. You can exfoliate once after your skin has been completely healed. Remember to exfoliate your skin very gently.
e. Apply Vitamin E oil to scars area. Do this every night if the damaged area has healed.
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